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Favicon : An indispensable asset for your portfolio website

What is a favicon?

A blue bird, a camera or the letter ‘ f ’ on blue! Cracking these popular icons isn’t a tough nut for anyone acquainted to the Internet.  A favicon literally standing for ‘favorite icon’, is the small icon of your brand on the left side of the tab. It is an indispensable and essential item of your portfolio website as it the very first impression of your website.

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Renaud Philippe Photography – French Photojournalist

Visit his Portfolio Website

Renaud Philippe is a French freelance photojournalist based in Quebec City, Canada. He is co-founder of Stigmat Photo –  A Photojournalism Agency . After getting a degree in journalism, he fell in love with India and the Himalayan regions where he has traveled several times. Renaud is deeply determined to follow his way and to make his pictures become a tool to awaken the collective conscience on social issues.
His work has appeared in publications including MacLean’s, Canadian Geographic, Mare magazine, Global Post, Le Figaroand Days Japan.

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The All New Pixpa ver 5.0 launched – Upgrade Now!

We’ve been hard at work for the last several months, taking a close look at Pixpa as a product and brainstorming on all the things we could change and improve. In August 2015, we came up with a big wish-list and started drilling down on that. Discussions started on individual features and fancy things we could add to the platform. Thankfully, we checked ourselves at the right time and asked the single most question for any product:

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How to Start Early with a Successful Photography Business

Around the world, the commercial photography industry is growing. While the not-so recent economic downturn might have hampered progress for many in the field, there is a ray of hope. A string of young people, characterized as smartphone owners, successful professionals, hobbyists, passionate travelers and essentially creative, are turning to photography. For some, it might be a simple passion – for others, they’re getting into a serious photography business. If there’s one thing in common among all of them – it’s the fact that they’re all self-taught!

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Large Image Grids for Galleries + New Theme Launched

Introducing New Large Image Grids

Make a big impression by using the new large image grid layouts for your galleries or groups. They come in 2 flavors – Square and Dynamic and work great on mobile devices as well.

See help article on switching layouts for galleries or groups.

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