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Getting Your Wedding Photography Pricing Right

For wedding photographers, pricing is an integral component of their photography business plan. It is how they earn their bread and butter. Since apt wedding photography pricing and packaging will determine your costs, profits, taxes etc – it can be a daunting task at hand.
Contrary to popular belief – the profession is not all about hanging out at a wedding venue, sipping fine wine, taking great photos and simply editing them. It’s an intensive activity that requires photographers to be on their toes forever. As such, it’s essential to save yourself the anguish of working at a loss.

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Customer speak – Altaf Qadri

Altaf Qadri studied Science at Kashmir University and worked as a computer engineer, before joining a local newspaper as a staff photographer. Besides the Kashmir conflict, Altaf has covered news and feauture stories in Afganistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Thailand and throughout India.

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The Legalities of Your Photography Business: Things Not to Miss

Changing gears from a hobbyist to a professional photographer involves an array of legalities. Before proclaiming yourself as a professional photographer, you must look into a variety of legal aspects that form the backbone of your photography business.

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In the Spotlight: Emrah Özesen

Turkish professional photographer Emrah Özesen shares his preparations for sports photography, his ethics about commercial photography and his experience of building a portfolio website with Pixpa.

How to Always Win a Photography Contest

Ever participated in a photography competition? Have you been that close to winning and yet not won? Well, sometimes photography contests and competitions aren’t exactly a breeze – even for the most professional and well-known photographers. We’d all agree winning is great – but what when life doesn’t give you any lemons?

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