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Prarthana Modi – The "Indecisive Moment"

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Creativity can be described as the ability to see the extraordinary in ordinary situations. This power of observation takes photography one-step ahead of the decisive moment. It is not always about the perfect moment; rather it is about leaving scope to the imagination of the viewer and giving photography an edge as an art form by going more towards the abstract and the unseen. This approach to photography is called the “Indecisive Moment”. Prarthana uses this indirect approach to shoot her images. They are moments that are abstract, that have something to narrate, and some thing to contemplate over. “The Indecisive Moment” is a glimpse of the world as Prarthana sees it. The images show a sense of freedom in her approach towards the subjects. They are bereft of any pressure from the outside world, be it in technique or in composition.

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It’s Time for Some Coffee Klatsch!

There are two things Pixpa is passionately passionate about – first, consistently building and improving our online portfolio services through an amalgamation of new and added features, and second, our privileged customers. Those riding high on the waves this month are three exceptionally ingenious photographers and an equally skilled painter. Here’s welcoming them to the Pixpa community, and wishing them a great journey!

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The Dark Side of Street Photography

Given how photographs have changed the course of world events, and lately influenced a lot of journalism, it’s darker side is something we cannot afford to ignore.

Pace and movement are two aspects that often set the tone for this very lucid form of photography. Ansel Adams said, ‘there are always two people in a picture: the photographer and the viewer.’ But such is not the case when it comes to photographing on the streets – there are many others whom you capture in the frame, and with them, their complexities.

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Customer Speak – Megan Elmstrom

Megan Elmstrom is currently a Digital Imaging Specialist at Rue La La. She specializes in shooting food, art, products and head-shots for a variety of clients. Her shots are creatively enticing, and represent the diversity that she is able to produce in her work. Her passion for photography comes across in her photographs, as she claims to love her job!

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In The Spotlight: Jack Zhang

Interview with Wedding and Portrain photographer Jack Zhang from Singapore.


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