Weddings are special for couples and photographers help to capture the essence of these weddings for them to cherish forever. Generally, it’s to-be-brides who go out looking for a photographer who can capture the gaiety of their weddings in the most beautiful way. For photographers, wedding photography portfolio is an easy way to show it to the brides. If you’re looking to build one such portfolio, here are some of the finest wedding photography portfolios you can take inspiration from.

1. Fotowalle


Indian weddings are vibrant at every moment throughout the occasion. Guests and kids are seen prancing all over the wedding venue, this essence of Indian weddings is visibly clear in Kanupriya Aurora’s, an Indian wedding photographer, photographs on her wedding photography portfolio.

Extra points: The yellow hue in Fotowalle’s logo pops out against the white background of its wedding photography portfolio that effortlessly brings forth the inherent vibrancy of lush Indian weddings.

2. Wedding Day
A Conde Nast Traveller’s ‘one of the five dream wedding photographers’, Atul Pratap Chauhan, has dabbled in food and hotel photography as an editorial photographer, but his photography skills as a wedding photographer show that he can pull off any genre of photography with just as much ease!

Extra points: A vivacious Indian bride’s photograph on Atul’s wedding photography portfolio instantly captures a visitor’s attention.

3. Delaine Marie
Delaine is a mother and an LA-based wedding photographer. Her work as a photographer shows her skill of capturing the affection between couples which also seems to be the underlying theme of her wedding photography portfolio.

Extra points: The photographs on Delaine’s wedding photography portfolio share a common theme: Her work brings out the intimacy between husband & wife (the kiss).

4. Moments
Awarded as one of the best wedding photographers by Expertise in 2016, Megan Connelly is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Florida. Megan seems to give a little touch of editorial photography to all her wedding photographs.

Extra points: A child’s portrait on the homepage followed by a small biography gives Megan’s portfolio website a crisp look.

5. Photo Tantra

One of Vogue’s top picks for wedding photography in India and Conde Nast Traveller’s dream wedding photographer, Photo Tantra is managed by Vinayak Das & Snigdha Sheel. This husband-wife duo photographer is also the proud wedding photographer of Kunal Nayyar (of the Big Bang Theory fame) and his now wife Neha Singh.  As told by them their wedding photographs carry a mix of photojournalistic and glamour photography style.

Extra points: The homepage of Photo Tantra’s wedding photography portfolio looks like a wedding magazine with its high-resolution pictures compelling visitors on the website to scroll down to the end.
The story of Photo Tantra’s beginning in the ‘about me’ section of the portfolio is lyrical builds a connection with a visitor almost instantly!

6. Jan Pirgl 
Jan Pirgl is a Czech photographer, who in addition to wedding photography likes to delve into 3D and CGI as well. His wedding photography seems to bring his fondness for discovering modest and skillful people by keeping the pictures to their minimal.

Extra points: Each collection of wedding photographs on Jan’s portfolio has a group photo taken with a drone.

7. Avantika Meattle  wedding-photography-portfolio-avantika-meattle
Avantika Meattle, who worked in the Bollywood for seven years has shot celebrities of the stature of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and now with her own team of photographers is out trying her hands on wedding photography and has gone as far as Italy to shoot weddings.

Extra points: With subtle hints of portrait photography, crystal bright glimpses of wedding ceremonies, and photographs of the minutest of details in a wedding, Avantika’s wedding photography portfolio assures that every detail is captured by her team for couples to rejoice their wedding day later.  



8. Tia Fennelly  wedding-photography-portfolio-tiafennelly

Tia Fennelly is a Canadian portrait, wedding, and a glamour photographer. She describes her work as ‘artistic documentary’.

Extra points: Tia’s wedding photography portfolio has ample of mid angle shots and her pictures have hints of glamour photography that seems to seep in from her work as a glamour photographer.

9. Frank Bautista  wedding-photography-portfolio-frank-bautista

Frank Bautista is a California-based wedding photographer. His save-the-date and engagement pictures look straight out of a fashion magazine giving hints of his knack for editorial photography.

Extra points: Frank’s wedding photography portfolio has a dedicated blog that he uses to promote his business.

10. Sandeep Bali   wedding-photography-portfolio-sandeep-bali

A Hasselblad Masters semi-finalist and a brand ambassador for Carl Zeiss Sandeep Bali has worked for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar. He is a wedding and fashion photographer.

Extra points: Divided into two portfolios: non-commercial & weddings, the navigation on Sandeep’s portfolio website is simplistic.

11. Ramana Prasad wedding-photography-portfolio-ramana-prasadRamana Prasad is an India-based wedding photographer, who often takes up cinematography and product photography projects.

Extra points: His portfolio features portraits of cheerful Indian brides at the top. Though his work also includes product photography and model portraits, this gives an idea that he is essentially a wedding photographer.   

12. Dhruv Panchal

After dabbling in the media industry for a few years Dhruv Panchal is finally pursuing his passion for photography. He is a commercial photographer, who also likes to try his hands-on wedding photography at times.

Extra points: The black&white overlays on wedding pictures lend uniformity to Dhruv’s portfolio.