5 Must-Have’s on your Photography Website which everyone forgets

1. Blog – is a great way to reach out to the community and clients. It is a fast rising marketing channel which needs to be harnessed by you. But in order to fully enjoy your blog’s potential, make sure to update it regularly without fail. It can be either daily or weekly. The more time you take between posting blog entries – the better the quality of content it should have. A blog helps in generating traction and let’s the visitor have a sneak peek into your work, life and experiences.

Leaving the business angle aside, the blog is also a good medium to show your personality and work ethic to your clients. You can discuss your views and opinions on photography techniques, what works best for you, the equipment you use, how you overcame obstacles, your personal journey till now and how you’ve grown as a photographer.

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2. Calendar – The benefits of having a calendar on your website are simple. You are effectively letting your clients know the time and place of the events you are attending. This makes it easier for them to contact you with specific requests. Also, when you specify that you’ll be in a place between this and this hour for these many days, it creates an unintentional psychological urgency in your client’s mind to hire your services before you are no longer available or get hired by someone else. This is called the Scarcity Principle. Another added benefit is that you yourself can track your movement, analyze patterns and plan business decisions.

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3. Ecommerce – This is the final stopping point to convert site visitors into paying customers. It’s where you facilitate your customers to make a purchase and hence a sale. You can use the sales data to analyze ROI and conversion rate. Other advantages of having Ecommerce on your website are –

  • Vast range of choices and 24 hour availability
  • You are accessible to a global market
  • Simplifies the buying process
  • Low running cost
  • Better understanding of consumer behavior

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4. A great design – This is the primary driving element which influences user decision making process. A golden rule in design is to ‘keep it simple‘. Here are a few pointers to incorporate while you’re designing your website

  • Keep the design simple so that the website’s loading time is less
  • Try to have minimum menu items (E.g. you can have just the following 6 links – Home, Portfolio, Customer Testimonials, Blog, Contact, About)
  • Easy website navigation
  • No punctuation or grammar mistakes
  • An appealing color scheme


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5. Portfolio (client access for your clients) – All being said and done, you cannot forget the reason for this website’s creation. We are not assuming that you will forget to put your portfolio on your portfolio website. We just wish to inform you about mistakes which you can avoid –

  • Low quality or low resolution pictures
  • Difficult portfolio navigation
  • Too many photos
  • Too less photos
  • Small viewing area
  • No photo details

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