Favicon : An indispensable asset for your portfolio website

What is a favicon?

A blue bird, a camera or the letter ‘ f ’ on blue! Cracking these popular icons isn’t a tough nut for anyone acquainted to the Internet.  A favicon literally standing for ‘favorite icon’, is the small icon of your brand on the left side of the tab. It is an indispensable and essential item of your portfolio website as it the very first impression of your website.

Other than your browser window, a favicon also appears when you bookmark a page. Some web services and search engines also use favicons. Fundamentally, it works on the following two levels:

  • Makes accessibility easier: Without doubt, a display icon of your brand goes a long way in making it easier for your users/customer.
  • Establishes credibility: A favicon plays a crucial role in your brand building and renders it credibility. It builds brand awareness even before your website is completely loaded.

Unfortunately, many designers and developers don’t realize how easy it is to add a favicon. They don’t specify any, or they leave the generic one their web host provides.

Add a favicon on your Pixpa website

Having a favicon on your Pixpa website is as easy as pie. Just click onto ‘site information’ in the setting section and upload your 16*16 pixel image to be put as your favicon in .ico format.

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