Galleries get a BIG upgrade

Not just images. Now add videos and text/HTML slides to your galleries along with images for a truly seamless portfolio.

Add videos and text/HTML slides to your galleries along with images.

This makes Galleries in Pixpa capable of handling multi-media projects that showcase both videos and images as part of your work.

Text/HTML slides give you a tool to add context, project descriptions or simply structure your gallery in multiple parts by adding a separator slide. You can also use HTML slides to embed any external media (like SoundCloud, Flickr etc)  in your gallery as well.

The multimedia galleries support all 15 layouts available in Pixpa (grids, full image, horizontal and vertical scrolling).

This update is available on all existing galleries also wherein you can add videos and text/html slides to your existing galleries as well.

See this help article to learn how to add videos and text/html slides to galleries.

With this update we have merged our old image galleries and video galleries content types. Users with video galleries can choose to add their videos to existing or new image galleries and delete their old video only galleries.

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