Getting Your Wedding Photography Pricing Right

For wedding photographers, pricing is an integral component of their photography business plan. It is how they earn their bread and butter. Since apt wedding photography pricing and packaging will determine your costs, profits, taxes etc – it can be a daunting task at hand.
Contrary to popular belief – the profession is not all about hanging out at a wedding venue, sipping fine wine, taking great photos and simply editing them. It’s an intensive activity that requires photographers to be on their toes forever. As such, it’s essential to save yourself the anguish of working at a loss.

Here’s what you can do to make your wedding photography pricing for you:

1. Get a Business Plan: A business plan is fundamental to your work. It is imperative to  plan your tasks and activities beforehand as a wedding photographer. A quarterly plan should give sufficient foresight into how you go about marketing yourself and your products/services.

2. Know your market: In many parts of the world, people are still in the initial stages of recovering from the economic downturn. Hence try to be economical, but not to the extent of charging next to nothing. If you’re a starter and only just beginning to build a network, your friend and family circle is the place to start building your wedding photography portfolio. Understand that clients are seeking a photographic documentation – their style and preferences are crucial to being successful with your work. Moreover, you could work in your region, and also take up destination weddings, like Atul Pratap Chauhan, whose based out of india.

3. Wedding Photography Costs: Costing will eventually determine almost every aspect of the project you take up. From the type and number of equipment used to pre-production costs. Once costing and pricing variables are determined, it is essential to come up with the minimum charges. In addition, evaluating the wedding pricing being offered by competitors in your area will help you charge fairly.

4. The Wedding Deliverables: This forms an essential part of the result. While other aspects of a wedding – the decorations, food etc are non-recoverable and will hold little meaning, what will stay permanently are beautiful memories captured by you. Hence, it’s paramount to decide what these deliverables will be – online proofs, hardcover albums, number of prints, photobooks and number of album copies.

If you factor in the above parameters well, your final pricing won’t just work best for you, your clients will be equally happy with it. You should also mark up the number so that there remains a scope for discounts, customized packages and referral offers. It’s widely believed the creative minds can’t manage business but with proper planning, they can definitely tame the beast.

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