In The Spotlight: Rachel Helfand Giuseppi

This week, we are in conversation with Rachel Helfand Giuseppi – an american photographer based in France. Belonging to a family of photographers, Rachel started to pursue photography

In the Spotlight: Eman Mohammed

She started quite young and it was as challenging for her as possible. Having been educated in the war torn Gaza City, she has had a first hand view of the Palestine conflict that has been raging on for decades. But the difficult terrain has only managed to inspire her to take up a challenging career in photojournalism.

Palestinian photojournalist Eman Mohammed has been maintaining her portfolio with a Pixpa website for quite some time now and we have been really proud to be associated with her. So, last week we decided to have a chat with her so that we could introduce her to the entire Pixpa family. We are reproducing some snippets of her life and her ideas below along with a couple of amazing photographs that she shared with us.

To see more of her work, you can visit Eman Mohammed Photography.

In the Spotlight: Mahesh Nair

As a successful entrepreneur with two decades of formidable corporate experience, Mahesh Nair had been involved with three different startups. But as he sold off

In the Spotlight: Udit Kulshrestha

Udit Kulshrestha hails from the city of the Taj Mahal, Agra but has traveled through the length and breadth of his country. A completely self taught photographer


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