How to Always Win a Photography Contest

Ever participated in a photography competition? Have you been that close to winning and yet not won? Well, sometimes photography contests and competitions aren’t exactly a breeze – even for the most professional and well-known photographers. We’d all agree winning is great – but what when life doesn’t give you any lemons?

Here’s how to make smart choices and not to let money or precious time go waste:

1. Make the right choice.

Choose the right type of contest. It goes without saying that you should participate in contests according to the kind of photography you do. A wedding photographer would obviously have no prospects of winning in a wildlife photography contest.

2. Research well.

Before enrolling yourself in a contest, research on it properly. Make sure it worth investing your time and money. Decide upon a contest budget for an year and stick to it.

3. Know about the copyright criteria.

A major part of your research should involve reading the terms and conditions of the contest properly. Many contest involve conditions which allows the organizers to infringe the copyright laws. Do not participate if you are not ready to pay the prize.

4. Know your audience

Research upon not only the judges but their tastes as well, before joining the race. Also, know who all would be covering the event. The kind of magazines, newspapers, news channels etc who would cover the contest will decide your future clients. There are a lot of customers looking into such contests, so give your best.

Moreover, the contest you choose to be a part of can greatly decide your fate! Based on varying criteria such as great exposure and low or zero entry fee, a whole range of photography contests exist. Some top-notch competitions include World Press Photo, Your Best Shot, The Open and the International Photography Awards. They help you share the stage with the very best, create opportunities to network and see precisely where you stand in the scheme of things.

So, even if you don’t quite make it there to the top, the sheer experience of being part of a contest can not only motivate you, but also make you wiser about submissions in the future. Don’t see the process as worthwhile or worthless – remember – it’s the journey that counts!

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