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Images being copied online are a usual nightmare for Photographers and experts strongly advice not to put your images online because there is no way to make it foolproof; but now you can with the help of Online Portfolio Application from Pixpa.

Let’s understand how Pixpa helps in keeping your images safe online:-

Right click protection: Right-click protection disables the right click from any image you upload; is a first preventive measure for image theft, it prevents right click accessibility on the image and prevent anybody to copy or save it on their system.

Watermark Protection: The next level of protection comes from a watermark on every image posted by the user. The watermark usually is a copyright protection symbol. It actually makes people aware that the image is your property and if somebody wants the image he should take your permission. We recommend to watermark your image using any free tool available and then upload it on our server.

Local Cache: Copying the image from local cache is a interesting way of copying the image for Tech Savvy Individuals but it’s not possible in our case because all the images are stored on our servers and are not downloaded on the browser’s cache.

Password Protected Galleries: Create password protected galleries and share the access with the clients you wish to share your work with. Password protected galleries is a foolproof solution for image theft online and guess what; you can create unlimited galleries on Pixpa.

Professional Photographer or have a Passion for Photography; Post your Images and Snaps with complete peace of mind now!

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