In the Spotlight: Canada based Photographer Marcel Dee

Marcel Dee is a young photographer based out of Canada. Marcel studied Creative Photography from Humber College in Toronto, and graduated in 2010. He mostly shot portraits and fashion there. Photography has been a passion for Marcel since childhood, which is reflected in his awe-inspiring shots.

Apart from photography, Marcel has a strong inclination towards technology as well. He talks about his work and portfolio in a recent klatsch with us.

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 Marcel Dee Photography
Marcel Dee Photography

1. You started photographing your family since you were six. Tell us about your first professional photography assignment outside home. How was the experience?

I was really lucky to know a lot of people who needed photos. I did a few event and portraits for friends, which helped me ease my way into the industry. When I did my first wedding, I made sure to do my homework to ensure I covered all of my bases. I must have shot 6 full cards that day. haha!

2. You mentioned that you had a passion in drawing. Do you still follow that passion or has photography made up for it?

When I took up art, I was never quite satisfied with the images I drew. My drawings results never matched the images I had in my head. Luckily during this time, I went to a photography class. Here I was able to achieve exactly what I had to create. Photography has been my passion since. But I’m happy I took up art as it helps me with ideas and pitches that I come up for clients.

3. Who has been your constant pillar of support in your journey as photographer?

My parents, they’ve always been there for me. They keep coming up with ideas for myself and my business.

Also, in today’s Information age, social media is a huge help. It’s a good way to showcase my work around the world and lead them back to my site.

 Marcel Dee Photography
Marcel Dee Photography

4. Which genre of photography do you enjoy the most and why?

Although I like to shoot all genres, but fashion photography is my favorite one. It relates to my artistic days. I start with a blank canvas and I am able to create anything I please. But I love all genres of photography, because at times, you need to keep your mind fresh and enable and encourage you to try different things.

5. What according to you are the top ingredients for a memorable photograph?

Lighting and Focus. Lighting is what you need to create your image and the Focus helps you tell your audience, where they should be looking. So if a person has beautiful eyes, make sure their eyes are lite and the focus is around their eyes.

6. If you could peek inside the studio/toolbox of any photographer, whose would it be and why?

100% Chris Nicholls. His work and creations are amazing.

Marcel Dee Photography
Marcel Dee Photography

7. How important is an online presence according to you?

I believe online presence is very important. You need certain tools, if you want to appear on any radar. You need twitter, which allows people in your circle to be updated, Facebook Page to grow your fan base and a website which is your home. All of this is needed, just to make a blip on radar.

8. Lastly, tell us what you love about Pixpa?

Pixpa is amazing! I had a friend create my first website. Creating a new one would be long and very costly. I’m so happy I found Pixpa, because they easily moved my old site and then I, yes I, was able to create an amazing site. I love how they come up with new and current themes, so that my site looks fresh. So, Thank You Pixpa.

Pixpa is amazing!

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