5 Creative Minds Who had Instant Success with Instagram

Not all social networks are for everybody and not everyone uses the networks right. While the main goal of these channels remain engaging with friends/families/followers, there are a few who do more than that. Instagrammers are using the medium not only to grow their business, but to make a direct living out of it.

Here are few people, who played their cards right –

1. Arnold and his $15000 day

Just when Brooklyn-based photographer Daniel Arnold had no clue about earning his living, Instagram came to his rescue. He had $90.03 in this back on the eve of his 34th birthday when he had a clever idea. Arnold randomly announced on Instagram that the prints of his photographs were available for sale for just one day. He received an overwhelming response and earned $15,000 from it in just one day. Here’s a self proclaimed ‘business idiot’ making wise use of Instagram.

2) Sarah, Best Young Business Woman thanks to Instagram

Sarah Al Dabbagh also claims Instagram to be instrumental in her success. Following her passion, Sarah started up her own wedding and event company called Lace Events in Saudi Arabia. It was only after she pitched her marketing using Instagram, could she gain recognition. Today, she has about +57,000 followers. She has been featured in various wedding magazines and last year she won the ‘Best Young Saudi Business Woman’ by Sayidity magazine, most, if not all, due to Instagram.

3) Aaron mining the underground Instagram Economy

Another photographer Aaron Huey, with large Insta-following of +250,000 followers managed to earn thousands of dollars by advertising his photographs through Instagram. One fine day Huey, a photographer for National Geographic, announced on Instagram that the prints of his photographs were available for $100. The sale was a huge success (so huge that his site crashed) that he was forced to extend the sale by a day. In the end, he earned more than $10,000 and decided to let the offer stand indefinitely. In an interview with Forbes, Huey says that his Instagram flash sale was not only purposed to gain money but to teach “digital followers to be consumers of physical art objects”.

4) Lauren, The full-time Instagrammer

A few months ago, Australia-based Lauren Bath, a chef then, decided to quit her job to become Australia’s ‘first full-time Instagrammer’. When Lauren left her job, she had about 200,000 followers but today, she has over 360,000 followers. She now travels the world, posting photos and getting paid by the organisations and individuals who are using her photos.

5) Justin, the ‘Instagram Influence’

Like what many of us do in our spare time at work, Justin Livingston too loved sharing men’s fashions on Instagram. With the passing of time, his looks gained so much popularity (and followership), that he actually got approached for several modeling assignments. At present, he finds himself hired by top brands like Ralph Lauren, Armani, etc for shoots.

6) Cat in (Insta)business

It’s not only the photographers and models who find themselves in business after all. An ordinary Instagram user who goes by the name ‘nala_cat’ posted pictures of her cat and soared to success. The account was created in 2012, and Nala_cat never looked back since then. Nala_cat has presently over 1 million followers and has set up an eCommerce website to monetize its Insta-gained fame.

Given the above, for those who think Instagram is just another superficial social media fad, think again. Instagram could become your next career if you play it smart.

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