Introducing Our New Drag-and-Drop PageBuilder

Adding custom web-pages of any kind to your site is a lot easier now with the new Page Builder. With 300+ content blocks that you can drag-and-drop, sequence and edit easily, Pixpa’s Page Builder gives you full flexibility and power to present your content the way you want. One can easily create a custom page using the powerful editing features offered by our Page Builder.

Add a custom page to your website

See help article on how to add a custom page to your site

Pixpa's Page Builder Tool

So, What’s in there in our All New Page Builder ?

The Page Builder consists of the most amazing features anybody with a portfolio website would want to make their site the best place to showcase their work.

Power packed with a bunch of features, Page Builder proves to be an awesome tool with following capabilities:

  1.  More than 300 Plug-n-Play Content Blocks.
  2.  In-Line Content Editing
  3.  Direct Image Embeds
  4.  Integrated Google Fonts
  5.  Play around with CSS & HTML code.
  6.  Place any third party scripts in the header and enjoy features like videos embeds, maps, custom forms, exit popups etc.

Please note that the Page Builder is only available in Pixpa v5.0.

If you are still using to manage your site, you would need to migrate to Pixpa v5.0 to access the new Page Builder.

See this article to learn more and send us a migration request.

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