It’s Time for Some Coffee Klatsch!

There are two things Pixpa is passionately passionate about – first, consistently building and improving our online portfolio services through an amalgamation of new and added features, and second, our privileged customers. Those riding high on the waves this month are three exceptionally ingenious photographers and an equally skilled painter. Here’s welcoming them to the Pixpa community, and wishing them a great journey!

So, it’s time for a small coffee klatsch, as new conversations are best over Coffee. Undeniably. And more so when you have some exquisite photographer works to browse through!

Pixpa BandWagon Series: A monthly feature which introduces and warmly welcomes five new clients onto the Pixpa Bandwagon!

1. Name: Kenny May
His Pixpa Site: Kmphotography
On the Map: Charleston, United States

ScreenHunter_28 Oct. 10 14.50

What We Loved about Kenny: Besides the usual categories on most portfolio sites, Kenny has an interesting section titled “arteries”. Under this section,  art shows and exhibitions have been documented. And these are not the usual exhibitions, mind you! The interesting setup of a space is what attracted us to think about alternate spaces for photographers to display their work in a more warm way! (We loved the embalming display!) Kenny has been associated with the shutter as early as age seven and has developed a keen interest in lightning photography

Kenny’s Pixpa Theme:  His portfolio has been created afresh with our much sought-after HTML5 theme, Fluid.


2. Name: Rodrigo Paiva
His Pixpa Site: Roderigopaivarp
On the Map: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Website by Rodrigo Paiva

What We Loved about Rodrigo: This brilliant Brazilian photographer works in the advertising and communication field. His pictures delve into a sense of grandeur that makes you feel  infinitesimal.  Most also entail an exquisite story, like the crowd picture, which we found most beholding!

Rodrigo’s Pixpa Theme: Rodrigo picked  Pixpa’s Juxt theme. The menu in the theme vanishes temporarily to make the interface of the portfolio website more catalogued.


3. Name: Amber Louise
Her Pixpa site: AmberLouisePhoto
On the Map: Causley, US.

Amber's website

What We Loved About Amber: Amber shoots events and individual projects in and around Causley. Amber’s photography team is a mirthful and stimulating one. Her husband and her sister also a part of it – a great way to include the family into her passion for photography She recently created her website with Pixpa and we especially  loved the beautiful fonts she chose!

Amber’s Pixpa Theme: She chose the ethereal Celebra theme from our exhaustive theme collection.


4. Name: Sax Impey
His Pixpa Site: SaxImpey
On the Map: Sax is a Stafford, Britain-based seasoned painter.

Sax Impey's Website

What We Loved About Sax: Amongst the range of photographers, we also encountered an elegantly put-together website of an adroit painter, Sax Impey. Any further words from us would be diminishing, as his work speaks volumes for itself. Our favourite picture from his works is the Night in the Celtic Sea.

Sax’s Pixpa Theme: He chose the theme Ethereal to showcase his artwork.

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