Outstanding Online Portfolio Galleries for Portrait Photographers

The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt. – Henri Cartier-Bresson

It is perhaps this difficulty in portrait photography, that one makes it deserve only the best when it comes to showcasing your work.  Given that the whole essence is to communicate something about the people in the portraits – such as their personality, it is vital that this personality is not lost in translation – that from a photograph in print to a photograph in digital.

As such, for portrait photographers, the gallery on their online portfolio site is next to godliness. Or rather, God itself!

Aesthetic Display of Your Work

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The best portfolio websites strive towards showcasing your work in the most attractive, inviting manner. A gallery is the first place a visitor on your site would head to. It’s an understated fact – you’d be surprised by how many aspiring portrait photographers falter on this step. Choose an online site that provides a great layout and smooth navigation within the site and to your treasure in the gallery.

Good Online Galleries Vs The Bad

A good gallery will first and foremost will never kill your portrait. Those finest details, will come out as you saw them first with your naked eye. Second, an efficient online photo portfolio will allow photos to be uploaded and downloaded with great ease. Also, they allow categorization and creation of albums within galleries, to better help portrait photographers to display work according to geographic locations, year shot in or other applicable themes. Lastly, an example of an arresting gallery would be that constantly expands on the functionality aspects and improves it’s gallery-related features.

The Reshaping of Online Art Sales

The internet has changed pretty much everything in the world, including the way art is sold online. From auctions to e-commerce sales of digital copies of your portraits, gallery owners are feeling the heat around the world, with a substantial amount of art buyers wishing to purchase online. This not only gives buyers the advantage to access photographers around the globe, but also immediately secure a deal. Evidently, an online art world revolution is only just beginning. As such, the presence of a gallery that is not only attractive, but one that entices diverse audiences – art collectors, individuals, corporate houses and hotels.

Create the ‘Buzz’: Photo Galleries and Social Media Integration

A visually striking gallery on a portfolio site can always be active online through a variety of social media sites. As such when you update your gallery, platforms like Twitter and facebook help you connect with an altogether different and equally important online audience. They add credibility to a gallery based on the size of its following, besides being instantaneous in their impact. It is also exceptionally instant in impact. Moreover, it becomes easier for potential buyers to search and look up a portrait photographers work over various mediums.

An Interesting Case: How Wolf Kettler Uses His Online Gallery

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Lets see how Wolf Kettler, a Britain-based photographer uses his wonderfully networked, updated site. His online gallery allows users to select their images at ease of time, besides offering online proofs in a password protected gallery on his site. It saves both him, and the client the hassle of meeting in person. AND he charges for this private viewing!

Galleries as such are crucial for portrait photographers to creatively display their work. When choosing for an online portfolio builder, it is perhaps priority for photographers to research their gallery reviews and see what options they have amongst a host of online gallery providers. Verdict? Compromising on a good gallery option can weigh-in on your portrait photography!

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