Photography Tricks and Hacks You Need To Know in 2019

We live in a visually driven society. Not only does the art of photography impact our daily lives, it has promising implications for the future of our world. Historically speaking, photos were reserved for the wealthy and taking a picture was deeply involved.

Now, we have a camera with us wherever we go. Drone technology has allowed the average user to take stunning photos from new, incredible angles. Drones are not cheap of-course, for now, but black friday drone deals made them affordable for many photographers. Police use photography to create graphic renderings of accident scenes to solve mysteries ( read to Discover Photogrammetry Software – PhotoModeler).

Embrace the photographic future with these hacks you need in 2019.

Create Your Own Lightbox

How do Instagram influencers get incredible photos using an iPhone? They work the lighting. You can create your own light box with sheets of paper in front of a window, or white bristol board taped together with an overhead light. Both pro and amateurs know, that there’s nothing like natural, grey skies for taking a photo, but what if you don’t have that option? Just make sure you capture the photo as per the grid and composition rules, one of them can be Rule of Thirds. Nikki Davidson explained the rule of thirds with 3 informative examples – checkout her post.

Create Your Own Flash Diffuser

If you must use the flash for a photo, create your own diffuser using a piece of white paper over the light. This simple hack has the same effect as your personal lightbox project, except you can take it with you wherever you go. While this method of diffusion will never have the same quality as using a proper diffuser stand, it can take the starkness out of flash photos.

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Create a Laptop Backdrop

If your lightbox isn’t cutting it or you’re in a rush, you can take incredible product photos using your laptop as a backdrop. Google an image you want in the background and expand to fullscreen. Place a reflective surface on your keyboard and position the product so that it is close to the mousepad. Take your photo with a focus on the product. The background will become unfocused enough to look natural, depending on the image you choose.

Get a Selfie Light Phone Case

With social media dominating our methods of communication, selfies have become the norm. There is no indication that anything will change in the future, with social media use becoming the go-to form of marketing and communication. If selfies are your favorite type of photography, invest in a phone case with a ring light. These phone cases disperse light evenly and make for stunning photos regardless of your surroundings.

Get a Beanbag Tripod

Tripods can be bulky and annoying to carry around. They can also be expensive and lack versatility if you work in various settings with different cameras. DIY bean bag tripods work for both phones and cameras, and can easily be thrown in a bag or purse for travel purposes. If you have the budget, go for sturdy options which have been tried and tested by professionals.

Go Vintage

While DSLR cameras are still the king when it comes to photography and camera tricks, the methods will change as technology evolves. It’s essential to be updated about the latest releases, click here to check out the latest DSLR cameras in 2019. Someday, we will likely have camera contact lenses. However, even as we move toward highly advanced photographic tools, the vintage look is coming back with a vengeance. Fortunately, you can capture the vintage vibe without sacrificing camera quality.

Rub Vaseline on a sheet of glass for a blurry effect. Place a pair of pantyhose over the lens for a soft, vintage glow. Soften your edges with a plastic sandwich bag over the lens. The options for adding a vintage feel without using editing software is endless.

How we take photos is always changing and the future is still uncertain. What remains timeless is the need for avid photographers to freeze time.

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