Prarthana Modi – The "Indecisive Moment"

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Creativity can be described as the ability to see the extraordinary in ordinary situations. This power of observation takes photography one-step ahead of the decisive moment. It is not always about the perfect moment; rather it is about leaving scope to the imagination of the viewer and giving photography an edge as an art form by going more towards the abstract and the unseen. This approach to photography is called the “Indecisive Moment”. Prarthana uses this indirect approach to shoot her images. They are moments that are abstract, that have something to narrate, and some thing to contemplate over. “The Indecisive Moment” is a glimpse of the world as Prarthana sees it. The images show a sense of freedom in her approach towards the subjects. They are bereft of any pressure from the outside world, be it in technique or in composition.

Prarthana Modi is a photographer based in New Delhi, India. She studied management and systems design after which she worked in the telecommunications industry for ten years before giving it up to pursue photography. She started with foundation courses in photography from St. Martins School of Art and Design, London and then went on to study at The School of Black & White Photography, London. However, she is mostly self-taught and self-motivated. Prarthana captures all her images on black & white film and all the prints are hand printed on bromide.

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