Reviewed – How Pixpa squares up v/s Squarespace.

Chris Singleton from has just done a detailed review of Pixpa stacking it up against Squarespace. Chris is an accomplished designer and digital marketing expert and has reviewed Squarespace earlier.

Read the full Pixpa review by Chris.

Here are a few excerpts from Chris’ review:

Pixpa’s interface is designed with ‘ordinary’ users in mind – i.e., people without advanced web building skills – and as such is uncluttered and very straightforward to use.




Overall, content management is handled well by Pixpa. It’s easy to create pages, edit them and move them around the navigation. A wide variety of content blocks – from simple text to images to maps – can be dragged and dropped easily into position on pages and as such it’s very easy to put nice looking pages together very quickly. Another strong aspect of the content management system is that you can toggle really easily between WYSIWYG and HTML mode – this makes adding elements like third-party forms or inserting widgets into your site extremely easy.

For the record, this approach works much better than in rival Squarespace, where any HTML has to be added via a code block which usually messes up your content’s spacing.

The templates – or ‘themes’ – provided by Pixpa are arguably the best thing about the product, and compare very favourably to those offered by more established website building tools such as Squarespace, Wix and Jimdo.

The Pixpa template designs are contemporary and slick, and give Squarespace, a platform famed for its high-quality templates, a good run for its money in the quality stakes. I also prefer the Pixpa templates to Jimdo’s offering and many of Wix’s.


Read the full Pixpa review by Chris.

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