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Interview – Photographer Indrajit Khambe on finding his calling

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Indrajit Khambe. I was born and brought up in town named Kankavli, near the Maharashtra-Goa border. I completed my education in my town only. I graduated in commerce in 2001. When I was a child I was fascinated by 3 things. First was farming, the second was cricket and third was painting. My whole family had a farming background and my father was the first in a family who moved out of the village to a slightly bigger town Kankavli to take up a government job.

No one in my family had any background in arts. But somehow I feel that farming is also a creative process – equal to any art form. I wanted to pursue painting as a career but my parents did not support me. When I was a college going kid, I had developed an interest in computers. After completing my graduation in commerce, I started my own small business of computer repairing in 2001. Once I got involved in business, all my interests like painting and cricket got left behind.

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Interview – Kristina Rolander on creating immersive environments and large-scale paintings

Kristina Rolander is a visual artist living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She makes large-scale paintings and immersive environments.  A while back, Kristina realised that her work wasn’t reaching the type or size of an audience she desired when showing in galleries, so she began collaborating with musicians, making custom works to be installed for live shows.

Kristina currently creates handpainted backdrops and is slowly embarking into the world of immersive stage design.

“Milwaukee has an amazing music scene and within it, I’ve found a community full of talented creatives crossing over genres and open to collaboration.”

You can view her portfolio website at www.kristinarolander.com built on PIxpa.

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