Tips for Promotion on Facebook

Marketers are using promotions techniques to reach the Facebook as millions of users use it every day. There are certain guidelines apart from the other terms and services that developers and advertisers should agree and follow before any promotional activity online.

Also you should follow all the guidelines before starting promotion on social media as Social Media Marketing is a double edged sword. Basic guidelines should be followed before administering and publicizing the contests, promotions or any other competitions. Facebook also clears that it has right to disable the account or page if anyone violates the guidelines and services.

Go through all the guidelines carefully

This is quite obvious, but Facebook guidelines keep on changing, so ensure that you keep yourself updated with the updates, changes.

Clear promotion first with the Facebook

Whosoever likes to run the promotion over the Facebook, must need to have an approval from the company’s representative. It should approve all the interactive advertising campaign promotions manually to make sure that each and every thing is legal. First experiment with the small numbers of users you would like to reach. If you find these efforts useful and successful than you can spend more ad, or a promotion. Although if you are promoting the contest which require Facebook, and that promotion takes place completely on your website, than you do not need any approval. Even than you need to follow basic guidelines.

Do not mention Facebook as partner

The promotional guidelines also state this that you can not mention Facebook as your partner. Not directly and indirectly you will mention anywhere that Facebook has sponsored the promotion or it is the administrator of the promotion. You can not mention that we launch with Facebook. Rather you can write and mention that we launch this on Facebook.

Comprehend the local rules and how can they affect your promotion.

Understand each and every rules and how they can affect your promotional activities. Any prize which is related to firearms, gambling, and prescription drugs is prohibited on Facebook.

Observe the formatting requirement of Facebook

Facebook has the specific techniques. Therefore it is good idea to understand it in detail to before creating the contest. Also they have certain specific languages which you should include in the promotion. For example: the promotion is not endorsed, sponsored or administered by Facebook itself. You need to designate a person for further communication connected with the promotion.

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