Tips To Protect Your Online Photography Portfolio Website From Hackers

In the business world, the portfolio carries a lot of importance. And what’s better than to have your portfolio website for gaining business. 

A portfolio website is an essential tool for creating your own personal brand. Be it designing, artwork, modeling, or photography; portfolio works wonders in all industries. There are many professional companies like that help you to make portfolio websites for your business.

In this article, we talk about protecting your photography portfolio website, which has stunning photos, beautiful templates, eye-catching galleries, which are perfect targets of cybercriminals.

  • How will you protect your online photography portfolio website? 
  • How will you protect your photos from getting photocopied? 
  • How will you keep photos on your site safe from hackers?

All the answers lie in the article below.

Important Tips for Protection:

Use Box Cloud Storage

There are many cloud storage like Dropbox, Google, iCloud, Google Drive, etc. wherein you can store your photography portfolio website. While some storage has strong securities, some are easy targets for hackers. 

Box Com is an online cloud storage that has advanced security features, is inexpensive and more secure because of its encryption facility. It encrypts all the files when they are stored, and hence, it becomes difficult for hackers to penetrate.

Switch-off Automatic Cloud Storage:

Never automate storage on any Google device which is linked to your website. If you have created your photography portfolio website and your automatic storage option is “On”, it becomes very convenient for the hacker to create photocopies and misuse your pictures or harm your work. Always ensure that the Automatic Cloud Storage option is “Off” by going in the respective menu. opt for manual backup and encrypt all the photos for safety.

Zero-Knowledge Cloud Storage: 

There are many cloud providers in the market. But not all respect or protect your privacy.

Zero-Knowledge means no one will be able to access your pictures or any other data because, as soon as your portfolio backup reaches the servers, it becomes encrypted.

This encryption is the most secure in the usage of public cloud services also. Even the companies which give you ZK Cloud storage can’t access your data. ZK cloud storage gives you maximum control of your website, with the highest security and budget-friendly costs.

Warning: Never use Public WIFI for sending portfolio pictures to clients, because hackers find it easy to penetrate a public network instead of a secured one

Strong Passwords:

Strong Passwords always protect websites since cybercriminals can’t penetrate and get information. 

Alpha numeric + symbols + special characters + Capital letters = Strong password.

Use such strong passwords that are difficult to guess and never share your password with your close ones for the safety of your site.

Always beware of security questions whose answers are researchable and try to avoid them for your site’s safety. Never save your sign-in details & passwords for automatic login to make your website more secure from hackers.

Double Security:

Two-factor authentication means double security. After giving your mobile number, to authenticate your website, it will ask a code which has been sent on your mobile every time you log in. You can access your site only after entering the code received on your mobile. 

This 2-factor authentication helps you avoid further loss as it traps hackers because you receive a code when some unknown factor tries to access your portfolio site.

SSL Security:

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificate installation is essential for any site. It converts your URL address to HTTPS- a secured URL, which creates a trust factor amongst other clients. Moreover, a secure green padlock also reassures that the website is fully protected with the SSL certificate. For photography portfolio stored on a website, an SSL certificate assures that the photos and its content are original and secured as well not modified since it is uploaded. 

As you may know, there are different types of SSL certificates made to serve for enterprises like multi-domain SSL, wildcard SSL, single-domain SSL. If you are among them who ha unlimited subdomains, then wildcard SSL that I will recommend you. 

Wildcard SSL certificate can be issued in less than 10 minutes, and it secures a primary domain and its first level of unlimited subdomains. Such certificate is easily available from different providers. You can get cheapest wildcard SSL certificate from SSL2BUY that saves your money & time. SSL certificate also helps to improve ranking in search engines.

Clicking unknown links is dangerous:

Hackers sometimes send lots of fake emails on different emails to target various sites. These are called Phishing attacks. They cheat you by faking a trusted identity and send you a fake email. The moment you open it, they can steal your whole portfolio and personal photos from your site and thus ruin your hard work. 

Minutely check the links address if it is from a trusted source or not, reconfirm by calling because a small mistake can put your site in danger.

Misuse of your portfolio is dangerous as hackers can create fake profiles by posting your pictures from your site trade them elsewhere without our knowledge, which can cause a considerable business loss also.

If they catch hold of your personal photos from your site, then they can send inappropriate messages from your site to others or post your photos on adult sites. All of these can lead to defamation. Beware of such criminals and keep your site secure.

Install site security tools:

Strengthen your picture site by installing appropriate website security tools. There are many security tools available in the market. Some proper open source security tools for the website include Arachni, Grabber, Nogotofail, Netsparker, OpenVAS, etc.

Also, install Anti-Virus software and run it regularly.

Use Watermarks:

To protect hackers from stealing your professional portfolio images, you can use a watermark plugin. E.g., DMCA watermarking tool can solve your purpose. 

You can also watermark your images with your signature or your logo when you upload them. Have a view at some of WordPress watermark plugins by clicking here.

Remove right-click option:

Any picture on any website can be downloaded by Right-Clicking the image and saving it. Disable right-click options on all the photos of your portfolio website, so it becomes difficult for image hackers to access or misuse them.

The best option is to insert a No Right Click Images Plugin, which helps a lot.

Reducing Sharpness & Photo Tiling of Photos:

When you upload photos, reduce their sharpness % so that they become less desirable for hackers. These are some basic tricks you learn when you take up any beginner’s guide on photography.

Use Photo-Tiling, i.e., splitting your photos into very small squares. This requires a hell of a time in stealing since you need to save each small square from getting the picture.

Add Ownership Notice:

Add Copyright notice or legal ownership notice on your website to discourage hackers from downloading or misusing your photos. Once they read the copyright notice on your portfolio site, they may turn to other sites which are not secured legally. Nowadays, many large corporations are working on different encryption techniques, one of them is HDCP that protects your content when you transfer it via HDMI. Learn more about HDCP – What is HDCP?

Summing Up:

Hackers are everywhere. So, if you feel your photography portfolio website is always safe from being attacked, you are wrong. Regular Backups and Anti-Virus Software and Firewalls will also protect your site apart from the factors mentioned above.

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