Pixpa accelerates website speed and delivery through a global content delivery network

Pixpa has recently upgraded its hosting infrastructure to deliver its client’s portfolio websites through a global content delivery network to enable website visitors to get content faster and more efficiently.

Pixpa now leverages a global CDN that distributes content through a network of 21 nodes throughout the cloud, putting its clients’ website content geographically closer to their end-users. This minimizes the distance the data has to travel, avoiding network traffic jams, decreasing latency, and improving the user experience.

“As our customer base has continued to grow, we have decided that content delivery through a CDN would be an effective resource to manage demand effectively and would add to the overall customer experience” said Gurpreet Singh – CEO, Pixpa.

How does Content Delivery Network Works:
The CDN is a caching system that directs website visitors to the nearest caching server (or node). As the visitor accesses your website, they retrieve content from the node instead of the origin server, reducing the load on that server and allowing for much faster delivery of the content. With On-demand Propagation, content from your origin site is instantly pushed out to each caching server only when it is being requested from a specific geographic location. This results in increased performance and faster site delivery.

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