What do an artist representation agency, an architect and a theatre designer have in common?

Click representatives is an artist representation agency, Pei-Wen Huang is a theatre designer and Mark Parrish is an architect. All of them have chosen Pixpa as their portfolio website.


Because Pixpa adapts to your needs, rather than the other way around! It is simple, easy to use and very flexible.

For instance, Click Representatives, an artist representation agency based in Denver and New York, chose Pixpa to showcase their work. This agency provides marketing and production services to creative professionals in the photography, film and illustration industry. They have been in the industry of art design, advertising and production for 17 years.

Take the case of Pei-Wen, a theatre designer. She has been working as a theatre designer in New York since 2005. She also designs sets, costumes and lighting. In 2009, she was awarded the KCACTF Certificate of Merit for Set Design for her work on the United States premiere of Iain F. Macleod’s ‘The Pearlfisher’. She is a Friars Club scholar Participant and has received the Rebecca Cunningham Costume Design Award in 2011. Pixpa is her choice too.

A highly talented architect, Mark Parrish uses Pixpa to show the world his remarkable creations. For a portfolio as diverse as his, Pixpa seemed like a natural choice. Not only has he designed  relatively mundane parking garages but he has been responsible for highly technical long-term acute care facilities for out-patients in his career as a Project Architect.

An agency, a theatre designer and an architect have different requirements from a website. With Pixpa, they could make changes, the way they wanted to and whenever they wanted to.

This is the greatest thing about Pixpa. It can be what you want it to be. Take a quick tour and get the Pixpa-vantage today!

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