8 Great Reasons To Use Lightroom

If you’re not convinced – which you should be – that Lightroom is a powerful and efficient editing tool, here are eight good reasons to hopefully persuade you! We think you’ll come away thinking that it’s not just a powerful software, it’s the best one on the market for photographers, whether they’re beginners or experts.

1. Lightroom is a powerful photo editing program explicitly created with the needs of photographers in mind. Other well-known editing programs were not designed for photographers. For example, Photoshop, terrific as it is, was created for web developers, graphic designers, digital artists, and other creatives. Photographers have been able to benefit from what it offers, but they were not the primary intended users when the software was designed. That means that for all its worth, it’s not necessarily the best software for photographers.

On the other hand, Lightroom was designed with photographers as the primary users. Everything it offers, every module and tool, was added with photographers’ needs in mind. Once you know how to use it (it doesn’t take long, although there’s a bit of learning curve), you’ll find it fairly intuitive to use.

2. You can shoot in RAW file format (which you should always do) because you will make most of your edits in RAW. There aren’t the extra steps you’d have to take to edit RAW images in Photoshop. Editing your image files in RAW in Lightroom allows you to fix everything you need – the more you edit in RAW, the better. You save time compared to wanting to edit in Photoshop. To edit these, you’d have first to edit the RAW images in Lightroom, then move them to Photoshop to make final edits. A great tutorial for the same process can be found here – Lightroom to Photoshop. Starting and staying in Lightroom saves valuable steps and time.

3. Unlike other editing software, Lightroom is chock-block full of extra features to save you time by simplifying your workflow. This includes being able to organize your images to find them easily later on. You can back them up and print them, share on social media, or use in photo books or slideshows straight from Lightroom.

4. Because it was created with photographers and their work in mind, it easy to organize images, so you don’t waste time later looking for them. It offers one of the best systems for organizing and managing your photos all in one place.

5. Lightroom never edits the original image, so your originals are protected, making this software pretty non-destructive to your photos. Why? Because when you import an image in Lightroom, it stores your image safely on your hard drive. You’ll be making changes to a virtual copy of the original. This leaves the original safe and untouched. If you need the original, you’ll know just where to find it.

6. Lightroom also keeps a full history of your edits or actions on an image. This means you can access any of the previously stored actions, even after you close the program and return to it! This is another terrific feature not available in Photoshop, which resets your history when you close the program.

7. Lightroom is faster and more efficient to use. Unlike other programs, it allows you to work across multiple images efficiently and quickly using a battery of tools. Better yet? You can use presets to make edits or enhancements across various photos! It’s a huge time saver.

8. Presets are one of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s most powerful features. A Lightroom Preset is a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a particular look or style of your photo. With just one click, your photo can be altered to have a totally different look or to obtain the tones you desired. The beauty of Lightroom Presets is the consistency, time-management, and simplicity they bring to your editing sessions.

There are several companies selling light-room presets online. One of the well-known sources of quality Lightroom presets is Sleeklens. Check out the review of Sleeklens Adobe Lightroom presets.

One more example of wedding photography preset can be found here from Resource Moon

If you want to work across various images doing the majority of your edits and enhancements efficiently and quickly with loads of tools available, Lightroom is for you. If you only want to edit one photo, and time isn’t a consideration, you can use different software. However, most photographers are all about saving time in their workflow – that’s why Lightroom is their best option.

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