Delhi-Drama – A Photographic Project on Delhi

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DELHI-DRAMA is a long-term photographic project on Delhi conceptualized and initiated in 2009 by Sundeep Bali. The project is an amalgam of Photography, Performance, History, Fashion and more.

The project would culminate in several episodes of staged photographic works executed with the intervention of a performer whose dress (from jewelry to footwear) and demeanor as well as actions and body–language either affirm a certain socio-cultural profile of a certain site/locality of Delhi or even contradict it .The message is to inform or remind the audience of historical/traditional socio-cultural profiles of well –known sites/ localities and contexts associated with them in a way which is quintessentially Delhi.

Bizarre and romantic, banal and exotic, gaudy and earthy, nonchalant and inquisitive, formal and anomalous- these are some of the contradictory facets of this city that Delhi-Drama endeavors to showcase.

A visual extravaganza and a tribute to Delhi and its denizens.

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