In the Spotlight: Pharmacist turned Photographer Arun Mathew

After graduating in pharmacy, Arun Mathew decided to pursue his career in photography. He started off by assisting renowned photographer Mr. Mathew Mathen and then went on to pursue his Post Graduation in Professional Photography from Life and Light Academy. He specializes in Fashion, Architecture and Product Photography and has won two prestigious awards in the same as well.

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Arun Mathew Photography

1. You graduated in pharmacy before taking up photography as a career. What had been the turning point in taking this decision?

Even though photography was my passion, after my Bachelors, as the set trend, my initial plan was to pursue Master’s degree abroad. In fact got offer from one of the best Universities in the world. But I always had the feeling that I am not on the right track. Fortunately I met one of my cousins, who is a renowned fashion photographer in Kerala and the chat with him changed my life. Yes, I decided to follow my heart and be happy for rest of my life.

2. Who (or what) has been your constant pillar of support or muse in such a big transition?

My best friend, my wife (Geethu). The support she has given me is immense throughout my journey. I always discuss and get her ideas as well before I do a campaign. Without her constant encouragement and support the journey wouldn’t have been this smooth!

Arun Mathew Photography[/caption]

3. Photography being an art, many consider is a self-learnt profession. How important do you think is learning the art under professional guidance?

To an extend it is a self-learnt art. But as any other profession it is very important to have a strong foundation to build up the career. And for this purpose professional guidance is essential, I am blessed to be professionally trained and guided by a legend in photography, Dr. Iqbal Mohammed (Light and Life Academy, Ooty, India).

4. What is the most challenging aspect of photography according to you?

Every campaign is unique. So the process of conceiving the concept, executing it and getting the right result is always challenging.

Arun Mathew Photography

5. You specialize in Fashion, Architecture and Product photography. Which genre do you enjoy the most and why?

No doubt, it is Fashion campaigns. Fashion shoots are very lively and creative, you communicate with the model and other technicians to bring out the best outcome. I really enjoy capturing the expressive faces full of attitude and passion!

6. Tell us about the common equipment and lenses that you use?

Basically I am a Canon guy! But I do shoot with the most modern and sophisticated gadgets like Hasselblad and Phaseone too.

For Canon 5d mark iii I use lenses like 85mm f/1.2L and 70-200mm f/2.8L.

For Hasselblad I usually handle HC Macro 4/120mm and HC 3,2/150mm lenses.

And coming to lights, Elinchrome is part of my kit and for high end shoots I use Broncolor and Briese. 

Arun Mathew Photography

7. How did you come across Pixpa and how has been your experience so far?

One of my friends suggested Pixpa for my portfolio website.

Pixpa is very economical and user friendly and I really enjoy working with Pixpa.

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