Set Your Website Apart – Tips to a Standout Photography Portfolio Website

“Working in a professional arena, your portfolio is your career calling card.”

While references can impress to a certain extent, you will garner little attention unless you can show to the world how impressive your work history is. And that – in an attractive way.

The best way to flaunt your impressive work is through a design portfolio website. It is by all means the easiest and quickest way to showcase your work. It is also an essential component of your photo-business, especially if you’re only just starting a photography business. But while many designers have their own designer portfolio website, not all of them are fit for the purpose.

The challenges? You’ve assembled all your best work in an online portfolio, but is that site getting you noticed? Is it getting you more work? Is it the best site to display the kind of diverse photographs you have? These questions are real, and well-worth answering.

Define Who You Are

Make your life easier by taking out time and clearly defining who and what you do. Choose an intuitive online portfolio builder. Whether you’re passionate about one topic, such as fashion or travel or  dream of branching into other fields. Choosing a strong “headline” image that reflects your passion best can also attract the viewer to delve deeper into the portfolio.

Categorize Smart

You can easily group your photos into different categories, with each project telling its own story. Write a short caption that explains the process or creatively describes the image. Fill each category with a dozen of your best pictures like a visual resume (keep in mind that clients have little time to scan through all your work).

Behind the Scenes: Great SEO

Few people will directly look you up. The idea is to be discover-able yourself.

Keep your online portfolio to basic HTML, which shows up more easily on search engines (Google etc). Use specific tags and keywords to put your site on top of internet searches.

Aid of Social Media Voices

Living in the technological world utilize the help of social media voices. Use each site to promote your work, making sure to list the URL for your online portfolio consistently (not just messaging your friends or adding a link on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram etc). Using just pre-modern techniques like posting it on two or three networking site won’t help much. With fast flowing technologies don’t forget to use the old fashioned techniques, it may not go viral, but word of mouth could help you land that next gig. So, reach out to friends and clients when you have something to share. Send an email, tweet or post on Facebook about the news.


The functioning for the best websites includes the following:

  • Not haphazard i.e. it should be clean
  • Use of proper layout
  • Organize it in a proper way that looks trendy but also formal
  • Identify your audience for the portfolio
  • Don’t clutter your site with too many pictures
  • Avoid high-tech functions
  • The biggest drain on bandwidth should be devoted to your photos, especially as more and more people are viewing on mobile devices.
  • Include a bio and your contact information
  • Update your portfolio with your latest and best work to keep fresh.


Your portfolio should be creative but taking great pictures is not enough sometimes. There’s nothing more important to your career than presenting your best work in an attractive, professional and accessible way. Make the best it can be!

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