Top 6 must haves for building an online portfolio website

Photographers develop and enhance their craft to create outstanding photographs. And that’s a lot of hard work that goes into the art of photography! But what’s the point if your work isn’t being displayed on the right medium, you probably have not yet started with your online portfolio building or rather you don’t own a great online portfolio website ?

Here’s how to better pre9pare a website for professional photographers:

  • Examine the work of contemporary photographers. Observe the new genres of photography they might be exploring through their frames.
  • From the very beginning, define the purpose of your portfolio. Is it to get more assignments, or part of the application for a professional photographer? Depending on the purpose, you should be aware about how to create a photography portfolio.
  • Choose a professional portfolio website builder that isn’t coding intensive, offers attractive themes and is affordably priced with their packages.
  • Assemble photographs that you wish to showcase in the chosen format and stock them in one place.
  • When updating your portfolio, photograph the subjects that are necessary for addition to the existing collection. This reflects the fact that you will understand what people/hiring agencies are looking for.
  • Polish the material gathered into an excellent presentation, along with crisp, short content. Abide by the truism that images speak more than a thousand words.

With these elementary things in mind, here is how to get started with the real-task!

1. Free trial: Majority of the popular portfolio websites offer a free trial, usually for around 15 days. This is the period to best explore the site’s various features, and see what fits your bill. You can test the site for the way it showcases your work, besides other aspects like loading speed, navigability, layout and social media integration. You can also explore some photo portfolio examples on popular portfolio sites.

2. Sign-up: If the free trial period on the portfolio website for photographers goes well, you can sign up for creating a permanent online portfolio. This might not always be the end-result. A hit and trial method, exploring some of the best professional portfolio builders is the ideal way forward.

3. Name: Deciding a name for your photography site is a vital part of your portfolio. It defines you and helps you stand out from the lot. A large part of popularizing your website, and optimizing it for a greater SEO role depends on how you name it. While some photographers choose to use their name, others prefer a creatively thought name. Also figure out if you’d want a custom domain connected to your website name.

4. Tagline: A tagline always catching attention. Some of the biggest brand names have a tagline with them. An attractive tagline adds to the recall value and likability of the brand/business.

5. Services: Explore what services a professional portfolio website builder is offering. Would you require a blog on your website? Or would you rather vouch for a great template? To what extent do you want your themes customize? What is the level of social media integration you’re seeking? Does your website offer safe and secure web hosting? Can clients shop for your frames, and if yes, how good is the e-commerce platform of the portfolio builder you choose?

6. Contact-page: A contact page is of utmost importance when building a portfolio. For example, as an architect’s portfolio, a prospective vendor or client in a remote location might want to connect with you. Choose between an online contact form or a e-mail id mentioned on your site.

Online portfolio building is the route to your photography success. If you’re just beginning with photography, remember it’s easy to build a portfolio, but difficult to ensure that it adds value to your professional growth.

  • Kevin Cook

    Inspiring and nice post about Portfolio-building. Thanks for sharing.

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