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We’ve been hard at work for the last several months, taking a close look at Pixpa as a product and brainstorming on all the things we could change and improve. In August 2015, we came up with a big wish-list and started drilling down on that. Discussions started on individual features and fancy things we could add to the platform. Thankfully, we checked ourselves at the right time and asked the single most question for any product:

What do our users want?

As we started drilling through the support tickets and feature requests that we had received, a thread started to form. We followed that up with calling up and talking to a lot of Pixpa users. We went ahead and conducted small group sessions with photographers, artists, designers and entrepreneurs. The question was simple – What do you want from the product that powers your online presence?

The answer was unequivocal.

Good Design, Simplicity and Flexibility.

And so the complete redesign and development of Pixpa started in early October 2015. As a team, we got down to the task of creating a DIY website builder that brings about the perfect balance between simplicity and power. We wanted to make sure that choosing Pixpa for their website should deliver the best results with the least effort for our users.

Our goal – Building and managing their website on Pixpa should be an enjoyable and enabling experience for our users.

And the results are now out.

We present Pixpa v5.

A complete revamp of Pixpa that’s been built from ground up to deliver the best website build-and-manage experience for photographers, artists, designers and small businesses.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s new (really…everything is new!):

Multipurpose and Responsive Themes

New Portfolio Themes:

  • 21 new beautifully crafted themes
  • Portfolios, business websites, blogging…our themes can handle it all.
  • Custom pages – Plug-and-play building blocks for your website.
  • 11+ gallery layouts for full control over your work showcase.
  • Responsive Website – Works great on all devices.
  • Super fast – Images are automatically resized and delivered based on device and resolution to ensure lightening fast load speeds.

Online Portfolio Themes

Check out the new themes.


  • A completely re-built new control panel for our users to build and manage their website.
  • Improved on-boarding for new users.
  • Easier and intuitive workflows and way better user-experience.
  • New content types introduced – Groups, Instagram Galleries, Custom Pages etc.
  • Drag-and-drop PageBuilder that lets users build any kind of information page.
  • Powerful style editor with real-time preview of website
  • Integrated help articles, tutorials and support.

Portfolio Website Theme Screenshot

Portfolio Website Theme Screenshot

Build Beautiful Galleries with Pixpa

Webpage Builder for Custom Pages

Inside Look - Pixpa Portfolio Website Builder

We will be posting a lot more on what’s new in Pixpa v5 in the coming days and weeks. We are looking forward to receiving feedback on your experience of Pixpa v5. If you need any help, just email us at

We are also working to make sure that every Pixpa user is migrated to the new version quickly and smoothly. If you are a Pixpa user and are still using for managing your website, see this article on how to migrate to Pixpa v5.

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