In the Spotlight: Eman Mohammed

She started quite young and it was as challenging for her as possible. Having been educated in the war torn Gaza City, she has had a first hand view of the Palestine conflict that has been raging on for decades. But the difficult terrain has only managed to inspire her to take up a challenging career in photojournalism.

Palestinian photojournalist Eman Mohammed has been maintaining her portfolio with a Pixpa website for quite some time now and we have been really proud to be associated with her. So, last week we decided to have a chat with her so that we could introduce her to the entire Pixpa family. We are reproducing some snippets of her life and her ideas below along with a couple of amazing photographs that she shared with us.

To see more of her work, you can visit Eman Mohammed Photography.

A tough but early start

It wasn’t easy. She tells us that as a 19 year old girl it was almost impossible for her to get into this kind of a profession. Nevertheless, she got a job as a reporter and used the opportunity for shooting photographs. She had to learn the tricks of the trade herself but she was quick to learn and success wasn’t far away.

Humanizing a War Zone:

Eman’s works are not mere images but human documents that capture the zeitgeist of the present day Palestine. Some of them are serene yet melancholy, some of them are haunting and devastating. It was a tough journey but she has been recognized by the world. For example the following image showcases a family in Gaza Strip with whom she has worked extensively. It was taken after their house was destroyed in bombing in 2009 which left them without any of the basic amenities.

Hard work that paid off:

Her photographs have been published in several major publications across the world such as Guardian, Washington Post and Le Monde and some of her images have been acquired by the British Museum. She has also been featured in numerous international exhibitions all over the world. From aching portraits of innocent child soldiers to nostalgic landscapes of that ancient land, her images manage to strike a chord all the time.

She is now a successful photojournalist, a wife, a mother and a role model. But her background keeps her grounded as she prefers to look at her subject as people rather than being a distant and cold observer.

On building a Pixpa Site

So, finally to wind up, we asked her how it was to build her website with Pixpa and how it helped her in building her online presence. This is what she had to say,

“Building my website using Pixpa services was the easiest thing I’ve ever accomplished with the best result possible. I was more than happy and satisfied with the outcome. Even though I had previous experiences with other website companies, this I can surely say was the best. It helps you achieve your own personal vision about your website, yet it provides you with some of the best techniques in order to do so. I’ve enjoyed every moment of building my website, admired the possibility of customizing almost every detail with no additional charge and the high quality service I got in exchange of an affordable price. It helped displaying my work in a very professional manner that allowed my work to receive a decent exposure from the audience and the feedback was simply unbelievable. I am so happy that I did not go behind famous names in the market without testing and eventually Pixpa proved to be the best option.”

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