In The Spotlight: Marian Hammond

This week, Pixpa had the pleasure to interview Marian Hammond, an extremely versatile photographer and filmmaker, in our interview segment. Marian is the co-founder of a communication and marketing firm, Brink Communication and manages to follow her passion for photography in her free time. Her work captures varied genres and reflects the passion with which she pursues photography. Here’s knowing her in greater detail.

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1.  How has your love for photography assisted you in your work at Brink Communications?

I co-founded Brink three years ago to help clients create change for good. With communications moving ever-more visual and audiences preferring to view rather than read, having a background and love for photography helps me lead the team here in designing communications strategies and marketing campaigns that quickly create impact and change hearts and minds.



2. You have attained formal education in both photography and filmmaking. Which one do you feel more connected to and why?

Photography will always be my first love. Although I shoot digital now, the hours I spent in a darkroom learning the art and craft are still with me, and the smell of those chemicals takes me instantly back to my college years. When I was 19, I received a Stanford grant to spend the summer creating a photo essay on women’s bodies in front of (and behind) the lens, which was a trans-formative and deeply healing experience for me. Through that project, I gained a deep appreciation for what it means to capture someone’s image and essence on film, both to the viewer and the subject. And photographing my daughters over the past 6 years has given me so much joy – being able to capture and share their personalities, changes and discoveries has been a gift as a mom and an artist.

 3. Who are some of your favorite photographers? How do they inspire you?

I love Diane Arbus for pushing the boundaries of portraiture. Dorothea Lange, for pioneering photojournalism and creating social and political change through photography.

And of course, Annie Leibovitz for her sometimes funny, sometimes provocative, always lovely images that make us reconsider the way we look at familiar faces.



4. As a marketing professional what would be your marketing advice to upcoming photographers?  Which of the two Instagram or Pinterest would serve to benefit photographers more?

My advice is to pick one channel and do it well. If you love Pinterest, great. If you prefer Instagram for Photography, go with that. The best way to create impact is to convey your personality and range and to build relationships with other artists and potential clients.

5. You are quite the multi-tasker – a marketing professional, a keyboardist, a photographer and a homemaker. How do you manage it all?

Only just barely! I am happiest when I am busy and learning and pushing my own boundaries – and that often means shoving 10 pounds of crap into a 5-pound bag (as my mother would say). Trying to maintain balance and focus/connection with my family while also exploring my creative and professional self is an ongoing challenge for me. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.



6. What is the one question nobody has ever asked you – that you wished they did?

I can’t think of anything. I’m a pretty direct person so if I have something to share, I do. No shrinking violet here!

7. Finally, tell us about your experience with Pixpa.

I love Pixpa! It meets the (high) standards for web functionality, aesthetics and audience experience that I bring from my marketing background, while also making it easy to keep up-to-date. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have a portfolio website without it.

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