Top 5 Photograph-able Cities Around The World

Pic or it didn’t happen. In a world where social media dominates, we often find ourselves living by this expression. However, we often forget that some people enjoy photographing for the art of it. It is, after all, a form of art. Expression. Finding the best locations is not difficult, but when the world around you seems to not deliver anymore, we always find a way. Traveling does help, which is why we prepared 5 of the most photograph-able cities in the world. Enjoy!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of those cities that hide architectural gems in places you would not even think to look. We are talking, after all, about a place full of Gaudi architecture. Let’s not forget that the beautiful Spanish city is the home of the iconic Sagrada Familia, which will give you some of the best shots. The architecture is breathtaking, and finding the best possible angle is pretty easy. But apart from Sagrada Familia, we also recommend Casa Battlo and Casa Mila. Park Guell will also leave you in awe and will fill your camera faster than you can say ‘Cheese!’

Copenhagen, Denmark

Have you ever taken a boat on the canals of Copenhagen? Have you visited the island? If not, you should because the sights will take your breath away. You will Have so many things to take pictures of that it will make your head spin. For starters, you cannot overlook the iconic Nyhavn district. When we say iconic, we really mean it. The colorful houses you see on the banks of the canal are a symbol for the entire country. The countless boats ‘parked’ on the canals make for fantastic pictures as well.

You should also go on top of the Church of Our Savior for an excellent panoramic photo of the entire city. That is if you can climb about 400 steps and you are not afraid of heights and tight spaces. Moreover, keep in mind that Copenhagen has more palaces than many other cities in the world, making the town an architectural wonder. You will get a little bit of everything.

Rome, Italy

Rome. The city of love. Or was that Paris? The fact of the matter is that it makes little difference because, as a photographer, you will fall in love with both. It may be tricky to get the best shots in Rome because the city is always roaming with tourists. That is why our advice is to be an early bird. Not only is everyone still enjoying their expressos that early in the morning, leaving the town all to yourself, but you can also catch the beautiful sunrise over the Colosseum or the Vatican. Your options are not limited. The old ruins of ancient Rome provide the perfect spots for the perfect photos.

Paris, France

Since we brought up Paris, it would be a shame to overlook it, wouldn’t it? You may come across the same issues as in Rome because the city is usually packed with tourists, but surely you can find the right moment. The Eiffel Tower is always in the spotlight and allows you to play with it in your photos as you like. The Louvre is also waiting for you, and let’s not forget the Seine with all its palaces. Versailles is often among the top destinations for photographers, and once you get there, you will see why. The place can hardly be associated with the right adjective. They would have to come up with a new one just for it.

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

What you need to know about Dubai is that this is the place where you can enjoy fine dining underwater and go skiing indoors. Do you think you will have a hard time finding the best spots for amazing photos? Not a chance. The skyline of Dubai is simply amazing, but there are so many other things that are worth your shots. You can go to the top of the highest building in the world and take some of the most brilliant panoramic photos of the city. The Dubai Aquarium will also provide you with some beautiful scenery. And while there, go and take pictures of people dune bashing. The point is that you can easily take your pick while in Dubai. The possibilities are endless.

So there you have it. 5 of the most photograph-able cities. It would be a lie to say that the ones that made the list are the only spots that will quench your thirst for the best places you can take a picture of, but we cannot go on forever. Just remember that if you go to some of these countries, you may need a visa. Check their visa policies before making your travel plans. You may be in luck and need a passport only.

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