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9 Steps to Become a Successful Wedding Photographer

There are times when you feel that your skills have reached a level where you can venture out with your passion. But is it the right thing to do and more importantly how should you go about doing it?

We put this question in front of Atul Pratap Chauhan, a wedding photographer from Delhi when we met him for coffee. Atul is a wedding photojournalist or a luxury wedding photographer and gets most of his business flowing in ,through his official portfolio website ( hosted and built on Pixpa  . He had some interesting insights about taking the first step towards becoming a successful wedding photographer.

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50 Best Creative Portfolios of 2016

2016 was an eventful year for the creative. New trends emerged in photography, art, and design with creative minds pushing the boundaries across all domains. Minimalism as an underlying visual theme gained strength, interfaces got uncluttered and creatives around the world did not shy away from expressing their voice on real, burning issues on the minds of everyone.

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5 new-year resolutions photographers and creative pros must make for 2017

Life is tough for us creative pros. If you are pursuing creative arts (photography, art, design, fashion, film-making et-al) as your profession, there are always conflicting choices to be made, such as:

To take up a job or chart your own path;
To only do the work you love doing or to take up projects that come to you;
To look at your work as a creative or as an entrepreneur;
To revel in the freedom of freelancing or to take on the responsibilities of a team and business.

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Things I would say to 21 year old me as a new designer

Stacey Mendez is a Product Designer based in London. She has just founded ‘MDZ’ which focuses on creating and selling exciting, beautiful ‘things’ people want to have. With a keen sense of ‘style’ she challenges the status quo collaborating with start-ups, entrepreneurs, & small businesses to turn their ideas into ‘designed’ products.

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Galleries get a BIG upgrade

Not just images. Now add videos and text/HTML slides to your galleries along with images for a truly seamless portfolio.

Add videos and text/HTML slides to your galleries along with images.

This makes Galleries in Pixpa capable of handling multi-media projects that showcase both videos and images as part of your work.

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