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Interview – Travel photographer, Ricardo Martinez on staying true to the moment

Ricardo Portfolio WebsiteRicardo Martinez is based in Chile and is an Engineer who’s passion lies in photography. Ricardo is working towards taking up travel photography as his full-time career.

You can see his work at

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Interview – Photographer Indrajit Khambe on finding his calling

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Indrajit Khambe. I was born and brought up in town named Kankavli, near the Maharashtra-Goa border. I completed my education in my town only. I graduated in commerce in 2001. When I was a child I was fascinated by 3 things. First was farming, the second was cricket and third was painting. My whole family had a farming background and my father was the first in a family who moved out of the village to a slightly bigger town Kankavli to take up a government job.

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Interview – Kristina Rolander on creating immersive environments and large-scale paintings

Kristina Rolander is a visual artist living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She makes large-scale paintings and immersive environments.  A while back, Kristina realised that her work wasn’t reaching the type or size of an audience she desired when showing in galleries, so she began collaborating with musicians, making custom works to be installed for live shows.

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Customer Speak – Jennifer Lee Smith

Jennifer Lee Smith was born in Puerto Rico (Military Brat) but grew up in the beautiful state of Colorado. Here’s what she has to say about herself:

“I got the photography bug from my father when I was very young.  Only recently with the support of my family and friends have I been able to pursue this true passion of mine.  My true calling are portraits of people and even pets.  I have always been captivated by the emotion in just a simple image.  Being associated with the military my entire life and being a mother I realize the importance of freezing that moment to be cherished for a lifetime.

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Customer Speak – Emrah Ozesen

Emrah started photography when he was in high school. While studying Russian Literature and language in Ankara University, he worked as a photojournalist for several local newspapers and magazines between 1995 & 1998. Meanwhile he started to work as a photokayaker on the rivers in Turkey and abroad. His works have been published in international travel, sport, health and leisure magazines. Apart from his personal exhibitions his works had been participated in combined exhibitions. In 2007, he started giving pictorial and logistic services to well known names in social journalism such as BBC WorldEl Jazeera TV and Betsy Udink, for covering their stories related with Turkey. He was selected to participate at World Press Photo workshops held by Jodie Bieber in 2011 and Alessio Romenziin 2013; both workshops were organised by GAPO. His recent works are being issued by Agence Le Journal.
He is based in Ankara, Turkey and available for assignments anywhere involving documentary, reportage and all types of photojournalism needs.

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